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Today's Tarot

I look at this earthworm, and it truly feels like my spirit animal today.

The bottom of the food chain. No glory. A simple existence.

Maybe that doesn't sound so great, but today I am thankful for this message - the sweet rainbow light the earth worm embraces.

When you are at rock bottom you have nothing to lose and everything to learn. You learn and grow so much for the hardest times.

I may not have much to show for my business yet, but I have learned so much, and in these challenges I'm learning how to overcome the things my clients will come to me for, and I know how to be a great partner to see folks through their own challenges.

Earthworms, however insignificant they may seem, are an integral part of our beautiful ecosystem - it doesn't have to be glorious to be important.

When I think about launching my business and possibly failing and turning back to old jobs, I am comforted that - whether it is my own business or working for someone else - I'm a part of something larger. I know I try my best to be intentional about giving back.

The earthworm has everything it needs in having next to nothing - they don't even need other earthworms to reproduce! It's all in them!

Although I do not like the idea of being a loner or asexual reproduction, haha, I do like the idea of trying to embrace the perspective that within ourselves we already have so much. Many of us, myself included, are fortunate enough to already have everything we need.

You never know what is going to happen - stuff, jobs, hobbies, etc have never brought me lasting happiness - it has always come down to my perspective. The simplest hardest times in my life have been some of the best times in my life when I was present and grateful and that was it.

I'm happy to have affirmation to embrace this energy today - get my hands dirty and put myself out there despite the risks. I'm happy to be an inglorious newbie at the bottom of the totem pole soaking it all in.

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