• Empowerment and confidence to handle life's challenges, advocate for what you believe in, and obtain your desires

  • Unleash inner wisdom, strength, and connection to intuitive power 

  • Rapid, effective, transformative change 

  • Freedom - to express and live from your heart, to radiate your unique shine. 

  • Come home to your Self,  ease of being with your people, your world

  • Inner holistic wellbeing => outer holistic wellbeing. Create positive impact, fulfill your purpose, empower evolution! 



I LOVE collaborating - picking and choosing with you - the tools to create your custom journey. 

Let's make something fun, exciting and powerful!

Birthing Self 


Unleash your brilliant self, create deep connections,  empower your potential - free from the mental muck of anxiety, trauma,  triggers, fears, sadness, and reactivity.  Feel at home in your Self and life. 


I use Acceptance and Integration Training™ - an empowering and efficient approach to counseling. It is not like traditional talk therapy. AAIT uses practical exercises, you can learn for yourself, to relieve emotional charge around a problem. Using this method, clients experience resolution to deep, long lasting problems, are empowered to tend to their own wellbeing​, and experience lasting internal peace. 

We will not spend much time focusing on the WHY of a problem, your narrative, or details about your life's painful experiences. I have not found this time-consuming practice to be an effective use of session time. Instead, we will directly address your identified problems using the efficient and practical AAIT method. 

Complex Trauma

Therapeutic techniques evolve, we no longer need to spend many sessions carefully processing one trauma through repetitious exposure. New techniques allow us to heal trauma with relative ease and quickness very effectively.  

Spiritual technology

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy - Psychedelic Integration Therapy

As few as 30% of people respond to SSRIs - thankfully, as always, our knowledge and technology adapts and evolves. The next wave of treatment is psychedelics - ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin to name a few. 

Thousands of years of indigenous wisdom are uniting with legal western clinical settings and research models to properly create a crucible for the transformation with which psychedelics empower us. And it is legal now - through Ketamine.


Unfortunately, many clinics are highly medicalized and have divorced this medicine from its inherently spiritual and communal aspects and therefore are producing diminished and short-lived results at best and terrifying, unstable, doubt-ridden journeys that turn people away from this medicine at worst. Proper set, setting, and experienced, empathetic guidance is critical.


I have facilitated hundreds of transformative psychedelic journeys. At the right stage of that journey, we harness the openness during trips to practice revolutionary therapy and at other stages we let the medicine take control.  For those who cannot access legal options, I can prepare, coach, and integrate those experiences.


For the record, I truly do not recommend taking this medicine unless it is in a sacred safe setting with an experienced professional and reliable dosing - especially if you are seeking mental health treatment



I never use tarot for fortune telling - it's not my jam. I use tarot to guide you into a space where you are empowered to get in touch with your own intuitive wisdom for facing challenges.

Let's collaborate to create a spread customized to you!

Energy Healing

Certified in Reiki II, Energetic work facilitates and empowers effectiveness  - it is deeply relaxing, revealing, and restorative.  

Past life, soul retrieval, entities

All very woo woo terms for very real challenges:

Trauma causes structural damage that is passed through epigenetics. We leave pieces of ourselves behind in traumatic experiences to remember, protect, and learn. We subconsciously create and attract energetic influences that gets stuck in the subconscious,


I use a variety of techniques to bring conscious awareness to the the silent subconscious and nourish new adaptations. 


Community connection - a pillar of our holistic wellbeing -


an opportunity to hold and be held 

to reciprocate inspiration, motivation, and support 

as you collectively deepen into alignment. 

I use guided meditation, spiritual technology, and practical training in a variety of sacred settings to

collaboratively create a crucible, safely weave connection, heal, and evolve. 

Hike Therapy - Every Thursday at 6pm in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Birthing Babies


I specialize in working with women who have experienced birth trauma, anxiety around pregnancy, birth, and parenting as well as motherhood transition related mood disorders 

I use a variety of tools to empower reaching your pregnancy, birthing, and parental wellbeing goals: birth art, AAIT exercises, aromatherapy, yoga, healing touch, and herbal remedies.

Doula work with me:


​At this time I only offer one doula service a month to maintain the depth and quality of what I provide during this sacred time. A doula package with me include 2 in home visits, 2 appointments with me from my office, Reiki and TENS unit support, as well as concierge services.

What is a doula?

Doulas help you navigate the complicated birth system, provide experienced support focused on and empowering your goals, practical and tailored resources, tools, and tips, assistance with emotional and physical comfort measures, and have been shown to help alleviate unwanted interventions. 

Birth Concierge

Don't need someone attending your birth but would like someone to help you navigate the complicated birth system? Connect you to resources? Provide helpful tools, information, and tips? A person to talk to you when you feel overwhelmed, confused, or anything else? This is the service for you! 


Pregnancy and Parenting Counseling

Don't let mental, emotional, or spiritual issues stand in the way of your parenting dreams. There are lots of emotions and challenges that come up as people prepare to be parents - anxiety, confusion, past traumas either from childhood or in a previous birth, bad habits and cycles you'd like to break. In addition to being a time where the mental state is heavily influenced by hormones. We know that stress and mental health has signifiant short and long term effects on the pregnancy, parent, and child. 

In Home Visits

You can add these on to any of the other services if you'd like to see me from the comfort of your home - especially useful towards the end, if you have a hectic schedule, or if you'd like me to get to know your family/supporters. 

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