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Anatomy of a Session


My Journey

Approach, Methodology and Lineage

What I  Offer

 Empowering your innate strength, wisdom, and intuitive connection.

Empowering your ability to heal yourself with practical, yet soulful and transformative tools. Empowering your freedom to live radiantly from your heart and fulfill your purpose.

NOT long winded talk sessions each session we will dive right into resolving issues with a practical exercise.

NOT the disenfranchising dichotomy where I am the expert and you are the patient. To be truly empowered you have to learn how to tend to your own wellbeing - so I give you those tools, every session. My sessions are collaborative, not hierarchal.


NOT endless treatment where, yet again, you have to exhaust yourself explaining your personal history and wait until we've developed the perfect therapeutic relationship to feel big shifts and empower new coping skills





Sessions are tailored to you each session, our work will be fluid, but here is the typical structure

- Celebrations: what is shifting, what have you learned and embodied over the last week?

- Collaboration on session focus: maybe you know exactly what you wanna explore, or maybe you wanna check in with your body with a somatic exploration, or maybe you wanna check in with your inner guide or higher power and draw a card for guidance

- Meditation: pleasure-focused slow down to tune your focus inside and quiet the mind for smoother work

- Exercise: while you are in a meditative state I will guide you thru various therapeutic exercises tailored to your focus

- Takeaways and home practice - reflections on what was discovered and identifying practical and accessible ways to integrate and embody these learnings. 




Bachelors and Masters in Social Work, Reiki Master, Certified Acceptance and Integration Training Practitioner, Over 150 credit hours Sexual Health Alliance's Certified Sex Therapist Program, BirthFit Doula, 


Over a decade of empowering healing and pleasure thru a myriad of social work position: guiding ketamine (legal therapeutic psychedelic) journeys, therapy, birth doula, social justice activism and non-profit development,  crisis counseling, foster care and school social work counseling, 

I hold myself to the NASW standards: a beautiful code of ethics I believe in, and annual immersive continuing education 




Since I was a little girl I struggled with mental health issues - anxiety, depression, PTSD, problematic eating. This fueled a passion to get over this daily misery and a compassion to help others overcome these challenges too 


I went through 10 years of therapy, went to school and got both my bachelor's and master's degrees in social work, did some professional counseling and case management, and got really jaded and disenfranchised by traditional therapy and the  mental health profession​


It felt so sterile. I was tired of sitting there and feeling awkward and trying to figure out what to say to a stranger or rehashing my childhood. I went to so many different therapists and they essentially were safe places to vent - but there was no real treatment.


Being on the other side of that felt worse- like I was supposed to have a magic wand and be perfect - perfectly stable, wise, comforting, smart, and creative enough to fix any problems.​ I was tired of seeing the people I helped also struggle to see any real progress despite therapy and psychiatry.


I took a step back, not seeing any other options but continued to fight to find empowering, effective holistic health solutions for myself and others. I encountered a methodology of practice where sessions are very active and practical. The practice was so effective that after less than a year of work I can confidently say that I no longer experience suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. 

Not only that, but I feel such a steady source of joy, stability, and faith in my life now that has opened up a life of passion and presence. I'm so thankful for encountering and learning the tools that have truly transformed my life. 


After a year long immersive education, I am now certified in this methodology  called Acceptance and Integration Training or AAIT © , have continued my education and experience in practice, learned philosophies that developed my ideas about people coming together to help each other out, instead of working in the traditional professional/client hierarchy. I have worked on my own personal development, honed my skills, and expanded my knowledge (and will continue to do so) so that I can be a competent, clear headed and strong partner in tackling life's challenges with another person.

Looking for healing that is empowering, holistic, practical and rapid? Do you crave manifesting all of your compassionate visions - to unleash your radiance and purpose from mental muck? Ready to play a higher game?  Let's work together! 

Acceptance and Integration Training

Created by Melanie McGhee,

Grandfathered by Zivorad Slavinski and his Spiritual Technology and Dick Olney and his Self Acceptance Training


AAIT  works fast to promote profound present awareness, freedom from suffering, accelerated growth, and a sense of transformative connectedness and wholeness. 

AAIT teaches practical techniques and exercises for acceptance and integration in order to feel lasting personal freedom, stability, empowerment and ease of being. 


When we learn practical, effective tools to accept ourselves, that same acceptance expands outward to others and to life. When we learn integration exercises we get untangled from compulsive reactions to run away from pain or grasp for pleasure so that we can skillfully choose appropriate, healthy responses. 

It is a non traditional method: seeing humans not as sick and broken or healthy, but as whole beings on a continuum of growth. It does not separate the mind and body, but sees our holistic wellbeing as interconnected with mind, body, and soul. It is collaborative, not hierarchal - clients are seen as experts, along with the practitioner, in facilitating their growth. Treatment can be minimal and the change rapid.

My credentials: I have participated in the immersive year long AAIT certified practitioner training as well as the trainings on energetic influences, using AAIT with groups, and past life regression. I have practiced AAIT for over 5 years. 

Reiki Master

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique where the therapist uses their hands (non-touch) to channel energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

You can lie or sit down  while the practitioner places their palms above different body parts that are thought to be hubs for energy.  The practitioner will decide how long to leave their palms in each spot based on the flow of energy that they perceive they’re feeling through their hands. You might feel sensations like heat, tingling, or pulsing where their hands are, or throughout your body. Or you might not notice any changes. Some people get so relaxed that they fall asleep. (WebMD) 

My credentials I chose Carolyn Jones and Jana Kadovitz's of the Holistic Institute of Wellness  Reiki training for my first two levels because of their process - during their trainings you go to the sacred land of the Wellbeing Retreat Center - where all food is homemade and comes from the organic farm on their land. For a couple days you are immersed in a holistically nourishing environment. They train in the Usui method. I worked one-on-one with a Reiki Master Practitioner, Brea Blair, to receive my Reiki Master.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy • KAP • Psychedelic Assisted Therapy • Psychedelic Integration

Ketamine is a legal psychedelic that is widely available and accessible. It has been proven to help with treatment resistant depression and other mental health disorders. It is considered to be very safe, with few side effects, and has been used for many decades in all kinds of treatment settings. 

Other psychedelics, especially psilocybin (mushrooms) and MDMA (molly) are proven to be very effective for anxiety and PTSD. 

If you are working with Ketamine, I can:

  • refer you to a high-quality and trustworthy prescribing physician

  • walk you through your many options for using Ketamine for therapeutic treatment

  • help you prepare for your treatment in a way that will maximize your benefits 

  • be present during your ketamine journey

  • help you "integrate" - help you improve and extend your results by processing your experiences and finding ways to practice, and embody, what you learned during your treatment

If you are wishing to work with other psychedelics:

  • I cannot provide, or connect you to a provider, of these currently illegal medicines.

  • As harm reduction, I can provide you with psych education on these medicines. 

  • I cannot sit with you while you take these medicines, but I can help you identify, or prepare, a trusted guide.

  •  After you have had a psychedelic experience, I can help you make sense of, and integrate your journey, so you can make the most of your sacred experience. 

My experience: I have been working with ketamine in outpatient clinics for 4 years. I received "KAP" or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training with Philip Wolfson, author of The Ketamine Papers,  and cofounder of KAP and the Ketamine Training Center which provided my immersive training. 

Somatic IFS (Internal Family Systems)

IFS is based on the concept that we all have several parts living within us that fulfill both healthy and unhealthy roles. Life events or trauma, however, can force us out of those healthy roles into extreme roles. These internal roles are not static and can change with time and work.


The goal of IFS therapy is to achieve balance within the internal system and to differentiate and elevate the Self (your "true" or unconditioned self- marked by characteristics such as calm, curious, compassionate and a sense of neutral, expansive, or peaceful body responses) so it can be an effective leader in the system. (VeryWellMD)

Somatic is a fancy word that means "relating to the body" - so Somatic IFS integrates use of the body - thru breath, movement, ethical touch, resonance, and awareness of sensations - within the IFS framework. Somatic work has been shown to be effective for chronic illness and trauma (EmbodiedSelf)

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapists are licensed mental health professionals, trained to assess, diagnose, and provide in-depth psychotherapy, who have specialized in treating clients with sexual issues and concerns. Including, but not limited to: sexual function and dysfunction; sexual pleasure; sexual variation; sexuality and disability; sexuality and chronic illness; sexual development across the lifespan; sexual abuse, assault, and coercion; and sexuality across all cultures and spectrums including, but not limited to: LGBTQIA +, kink, and poly/non-monogamy.


These concerns are addressed through tailored education and solutions- focused techniques as well as comprehensive and intensive psychotherapy as needed. (AASECT

My credentials: I am currently completing my AASECT (American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) certification through SHA (Sexual Health Alliance)

I have completed over the required 90 hours of education, 60 hours of training, and the Sexual Attitude Reassessment. Currently I am working on completing my supervised hours. 

Sex Therapy
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