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Living in the Shadow - after bringing in the new light of life

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Warning, a highly tragic news story is about to be mentioned.

On May 7th a woman from our neck of the woods - Seymour, TN, was found, wrists scratched, and with her two infants unresponsive in the bath tub.

I hear this on the coattails of so many other stories I have heard first hand, just in this year, just in my own small community of clients, who have journeyed with post partum psychosis, OCD, depression, and so much trauma.

I am happy that the local news has asked me twice now to cover these issues - I see that post partum mental health is finally starting to get the acceptance and attention it needs. People are opening their minds and hearts to an issue covered in shame and secrecy.

But as we get more of this attention and information - information that comes too little too late and it is often incredibly tragic - there is still so few answers to the questions: What do we do? Where do we go?

For the parents who are suffering, I often hear they feel alone, crazy, like terrible people. How can they possibly not be happy after having a baby? How could they possibly desperately need space? How could they have fleeting thoughts of abandoning, running away, or hurting their baby? How can they be anything but the glowing new parent?

What I know is that they aren't alone, crazy, terrible or even unusual. That if they felt like it was OK, maybe they could reach out and get the support that could prevent the tragic cycles and accidents that often follow unattended mental wellbeing.

In light of this, and hoping to answer those questions of what to do and where to go, all of us here at Revitalist are lit up, passionate, about having a new offering for post-partum parents:

A 6 week empowerment group to support new parents' ability to feel healthy, strong, and confident through the biggest possible transformation in life.

It will be a place for new moms to learn they are not alone, not crazy, not stuck, not horrible. It will be a place to learn tools to tend to their wellbeing with ease. It will be a place to feel held, supported, and connected to people who get it.

If you, or a loved one, might be interested, email

It is my personal passion and dream to see more resources and support for the post partum mental health. I would love to see us be able to offer this group as a scholarship to parents in need.

If you are at all interested in supporting this mission - please share, or contact me at

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