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Done and Busy AF: Restoring Your State When You Have No Time.

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

I have been playing bridge and I am burnt the fuck out.

One of my clients had a unnecessarily traumatic birth in the hospital. I've been having lots of tense meetings fighting for holistic considerations in Western medical world and meeting lots of resistance to change.

I am empowering my clients to advocate for themselves......

but finding that meeting them where they are (vulnerable and without resources to stand in their power) in a broken system (too uninformed, underpaid, understaffed, over worked) means I need to enter the fray.

New terrain. Terra incognita. Stormy waters where all the swimmers are hurting and therefore reactive.

We are burning LOTS of calories and my inner child is throwing a tantrum.

We have to do this work. AND we need to have good boundaries in this.

Being a good parent to my inner child means comforting and providing needs THROUGH unavoidable challenges and necessary disciplined action.

This is how we grow. Individually and collectively.

How do I step back into alignment when I feel upside down and burnt out and have no time?

  1. Hand to my heart and see my inner child

  2. I thank her for being so amazing - for giving so many fucks and having a heart as big as the grand canyon

  3. I hear her - this is so tough - what are you feeling? Let's breathe through it

  4. I do basic PEAT

  5. What do you need? I set aside time later to fulfill those needs - cancelling anything that I absolutely do not have to do.

  6. I pray - help me step back into alignment

  7. I imagine what that would look like, feel like, in my body and do reverse basic PEAT

  8. I keep going.

What does this look like? Check out

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