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How to get out of a mental s***storm

It is like being in a tornado of anxiety, shame, defeat, exhaustion, and crazy making. It blows.

This is the mad world of "automatic negative thoughts" and "cognitive distortions"

Notice how these thoughts feel heavy, sticky as opposed to other thoughts, even negative ones like - I take a huge risk whenever I get in the car - that feel lighter, airier, we can release them.

The exercise below is a simplified exercise derived from something called Ivana End of Words – one of the many spiritual technology methods that are part of my practice in Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT).

1. Time to take preferably physical (if not, then at least mental) note - what are the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing? List them all out.

2. With each one ask yourself what could be good about this thought/feeling? What could be bad about this thought/feeling?

3. With the thoughts, for extra shake out power - What is true about this thought? What is false about this thought?

4. Keep rocking between good and bad with these thoughts and feelings and notice any changes in your state.

Why does this help? it is a principle of AAIT that acceptance is a means and a measure of wellbeing. There are some thoughts and feelings that are so charged - sticky, heavy, and chaotic - that it is just SO hard to accept them.

That's normal.

This exercise helps us to unshake the painful, trapping, resistance to what is: that we have negative, sticky, S*** mental states - in order to better accept, and work with, these challenging thoughts and feelings.

Morningish Mindset: if you are not in a mental S***storm at the moment, bring to mind a feeling or thought you have been struggling with lately. What is good about this feeling or thought? What is bad? If a thought, what is true? What is untrue?

You don't have to live in a world where these thoughts keep you from being your full self, from being present, from showing up how you would like to in your relationships, or unleashing your full potential.

You don't.

If you don't get that, I can help, just send me a message.

For more helpful tools, tips, and exercises served up fresh every day check out my facebook and instagram

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