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Tarot Tuesday: Finding Light in the Dark

So what's Tarot Tuesday all about? Live tarot pulling on the Facebook along with morning mindset and offering for 1 card drawing just for you for $5 - just PM me or comment below! Today's message was about light in the darkness - how the darkness itself can provide the light.

Just when you are feeling abandoned and defeated there is an opportunity for the greatest growth.

Just as we need winter, in it's harsh darkness, in order to grow roots and rest for spring. Morning mindset: what gives you hope? What could give you hope? What stands between you and hope? How could this time help you to grow? What's bad about challenges and what's good about challenges? Exercise suggestions: If I've already taught you spiritual technology methods through Acceptance and Integration Training - try working with faith and doubt, hope and fear. And some acceptance work around doubt and fear. If you'd like to learn these methods, how to do tarot for yourself, or if you are really struggling with some doubt and fear right now , sick and tired of it, and so ready to feel that light, faith, confidence and hope - I can help with that, just send me a message :)

Remember on Tuesdays you can message me for weekly guidance and exercises tailored just for you for only 5 bucks. Shoot me a message!

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