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Tarot is not just for fortune telling.

It's been a while since I've felt comfortable sharing tarot - I grew up southern Baptist, and although I don't follow that denomination, I still consider myself a Christian (another thing I'm afraid to admit in certain circles). And I know what we think of tarot - witch craft

devil work.

Maybe a lot of people from both the Christian side and alternative spiritual side will be turned off, angry, by this post today.

But I'm gonna follow my heart - and I feel like that is what this card is all about. To get in touch with whatever makes you feel so grounded and secure that you can charge into the unknown darkness.

I'm so grateful to have this tool to commune with the God of my understanding.

That's right. That's how I use it - I'm not a fan of Fortune telling - not for myself, not for my clients - I don't do that with tarot. Personally, I don't find that empowering. I understand it is for others, and I've certainly dabbled, but it's just not my cup of tea.

I use tarot to meditate - to get in touch with my subconscious self and with my divine guidance - what message do they have for me right now? That I can focus on for personal growth? What do I need to work on or am I blind to?

I wasn't going to church and I yearned for something that got me in touch with that spiritual space, for deep reflection and personal development practice. Plus I was hearing all these awesome things about meditating but I REALLY struggled with it - I just got so bored and freaking hated it.

My friend @lovelace_does_it_right introduced me to tarot. I was always artsy and seeing all the artwork just lit. Me. UP! So pretty! So weird! Just wanted to look at the artwork from all the decks all day.

Using tarot I found it easy to meditate: focus on a question, pull a card, and fall into the art. What came up as I looked at it? It was sweet and fun and beautiful and helpful and changed my life - THAT is my freaking jam: Simple, practical tools anyone can learn and enjoy that create powerful changes.

So journal prompt: what makes you feel grounded? What *could* make you feel grounded? Sometimes sentence stem churns up better better results so: I feel incredibly grounded when________. What comes up?

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