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How to wake up from "Too Busy" BS.

" I didn't realize how busy I was that I could NOT take 30 minutes for myself"

- cohort in the the curate your state training I'm in (an 8 week program where we learn to tend to our inner wellbeing through AAIT.... We are being held accountable to self reflection and meditation for at least 30 minutes a day.)

Yea. That's real talk. It is a challenge.

But what is this BS?!?

How is it perfectly fine to answer every person - every call, text, email, facebook notification, etc; To fit in every bit of shopping, chores, errands; every social invite; work on and invest A LOT in our OUTER appearance before we tend to our inner state?

Which, come on, our inner state affects EVERYTHING! How we treat those friends, family, co workers. How good or bad we feel throughout all the tasks on our to-do list. How we handle the everyday stressors that come up.

Like, if I really think about it, it makes more sense to me to spend 5 minutes tending to my inner wellbeing than brushing my teeth. There are definitively MORE health risks and you can be way more "unappealing" when you are not mentally well.

When it comes to pregnancy and parenting, woof. Stress, perinatal mood disorders, trauma have significant and life long impacts on the mother AND child - attachment, adult mood disorders, learning disabilities, more painful and medically intervened with births, etc.

Unfortunately it can seem so daunting to stop what you and everyone else is doing and learn a new way of approaching life.

Not impossible though. Check out my story. If I did it so can you.

You can start in 5 minutes a day - set a timer for 5 minutes - stretch, write, brain dump, walk, pray, draw squiggles, sit in silence, or use a free app like stop.breathe.think.

The expectation is that you brush your teeth. answer that text. exercise. TEND TO YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING.

Pencil. It. In. You get up at a certain time to "get ready" this is part of it. Those emails can wait 5 more minutes. That meeting can be scheduled a little later. You can choose to nourish your body and mind during your lunch break.

We are in Knoxville - every time you hear a plane or a train take a breath and quickly go through your senses - what do you hear, see, feel? It is spring time, every time you hear a bird chirp or the wind blow or the rain start. Check in.

Just pick one thing, one time, and do it for one week. It's not " just for you" its for your loved ones, your work, your community, your home.

Don't get it at all? Need immediate relief? I'd love to help you with that for absolutely free, no strings attached, cause it is seriously my jam, my passion, what I love to do. Just click here. Or message me on facebook

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