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Journal Exercise: Is your desire for progress BS?

As humans we are progress seekers. We hunger to become better.

Maybe, like me, you are kind of obsessed with personal growth and development and wellbeing.

In this hunger and obsession we can get lost - our motivations shift to doing this work for the praise and for the perception.

We get caught up in a frenzy, pulled in all directions, spread too thin.

So take a quick pause and journal/meditate/ponder on this:

I invite you to give your full attention to this task of rebuilding and growth in a way that is methodical. Do not rush into building a new structure precariously.

In the wake of your creative destruction, pull up each stone with care - get absorbed with each one so you can know their shapes and grooves:

  • What has been turned up here?

  • What dark stones make up the structure every time?

  • What do they look like and what do they do?

  • How do they play out fully in your life?

Then check yourself -

  • are you pushing forward purely for the sake of progress?

  • are you focused too much on others' perceptions of you?

  • On the desire to hear praise?

  • What ARE your motivations?

When you answer what your true motivations are, and if you find answers there that are beyond perception and praise, then the next time you are in conflict take baby steps.

Place one foot precisely where it needs to be in alignment with these motivations.

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