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Burnout 911

Sometimes you are just in an overwhelming swirl - don't know where to start, what to do, and if you did you couldn't summon the wherewithal to do it anyway.

I've been there. It blows.

We are really backed in a corner in our society - told all the things we have to do for our holistic wellbeing and at the same time we value busyness and prioritizing others!

These times will come and go, but you CAN learn powerful tools to be less reactive, shut down, overwhelmed, and defeated by your mental state.

Here is a routine that WILL help you

1.) 3 deep breaths.

It's basic for a reason

2) Stay in compassion.

Hand to your heart - "even though I feel ____X uncomfortable emotion___ I love and accept myself, and the fact that I feel X." repeat.

You may not feel you love and accept yourself - can you feel some small part of yourself that does?

So maybe you just need to go to: "Even though I feel I don't like myself, some part of myself loves and accepts myself and the fact that I don't like myself. "

3) Determine whether you have less energy or more energy in these states - you want to MATCH your energy level.

Do you feel buzzy, wound up, thoughts flying?

Or do you feel heavy, stuck, melted, shut down?

3a - more energy

do an activity that burns this energy, matches its level:

  • Exercise: dance, jumping jacks, lift some weights, HIIT cardio

  • Put on energetic music.

  • OK but what if I'm in public/can't get up from my office chair, etc.? I have a lovely exercise for that!

  • There's many ways to do this, but essentially you want to pick a muscle in your body, breathe in and tense and tighten, hold your breath and this tension for a few seconds, then exhale and relax.

  • I like to go from my feet to my head - tensing my feet, then calves, then thighs, then butt, then stomach, arms, shoulders, face (maybe skip face if in public) you can even do your whole body.

  • It does help if you can add a stretch into that tense and tighten, but that is less discrete.

3b - less energy

again, match your energy -

  • turn on relaxing, soothing music

  • take 10/15 minute funny tv show break and lay down

  • smell a aromatherapeutic blend of bergamot and lavender - both uplifting and relaxing

  • I like to buy a carrier oil like almond oil and put like 10 drops of each in there and rub some on my hands , or sometimes I just waft it out of the bottle

  • both of these you can carry with you for times in need.

  • If you have a meditation chime, bell, or bowl give it a strike and listen for the end of the sound.

  • If you don't have one, youtube that ish, download an app for that.

  • If you are stuck in an office or public usually you can at least take a 5 minute "bathroom" break - take a gentle slow walk to someplace you can sit, breathe in some essential oils, listen to a little bit of soothing music.

  • Make a kit for yourself of headphones, essential oils, and a downloaded playlist!

There's so much you can learn to tend to your inner state to empower your mental wellbeing!

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, please reach out - it is my passion, my jam, to provide empowering support - that's why I always offer free 30 minute chats where we go through and you learn a quick and practical tool.

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