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To the healers and change-makers of so many kinds.

I LOVE the people I work with.

They are community activists and engagers, artists, spiritualists, healers of all kinds - counselors and social workers, herbalists and massage therapists.

They are strung together by their compassionate motivation and impulse.

Their curiosity beyond the status quo and their fiery urge, ability, and passion to challenge it.

Their creativity, curiosity and compassion allows them to see another side to life, people, and this world that is inspiring and beautiful.

There is another common thread though - compassionate impulse, for many but certainly not all, can come from a place of experiencing trauma in some way.

That has its way of creating a desire to "make right for other people what we have perceived as being so wrong for ourselves"

Passion and emotion are wonderful motivators AND at the same time, can be the very thing in the way:

create stubborn strongholds that burn the bridge of conversation,

paralyze in sadness and fear,

pushing limits until there's only burn out and empty tanks.

If there is one thing I want you to walk away with please believe:

You CAN refill, get unstuck AND feel calm, confident, and strong in your role.

You CAN maintain this work sustainably.

There is nothing wrong with you and you DO NOT have to give up on your dream.

Mindset is so important - it touches every moment of your experience, and therefore feeds into everything in your life.

That is scary, especially if you aren't in a great place - but it doesn't have to feel impossible.

I am WHITE HOT passionate about making this an unquestionable belief for you.

That is why I offer this work for free.

That is why I focus on sustainable empowerment and ideally work myself out of a job.

I know this probably only makes sense to the kind of people I work with, and that is another reason I feel so tender and melted in appreciation to do this work as a partner with them.

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Empower your best self to show up to your loved ones, your community, and your vision - so you can make the difference you are called to create.

Together we can journey through your rite of passage - through pains of all sorts - to manifest your dream. 

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I am a sex therapist, doula, and spiritual emergence guide. I'm an expert in unleashing  your radiance and serenity  - your innate grounded power and purpose -  from deep spiritual pains. 


My north star: empowering evolution.

I believe: "as within, so without": as we empower your holistic inner wellbeing we empower wellbeing for our loved ones, our community, and our world. 


My journey:

Bachelors and Masters in Social Work, a decade of spiritual emergence and transition work counseling in crisis, legal psychedelic, school and birth work settings. I hold myself to the NASW standards: a beautiful code of ethics I believe in, weekly supervised accountability, and annual immersive continuing education 

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