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Dive for light: Embrace or Break a Rut.

Take a moment and think about when in your life did you develop strength? wisdom? compassion?

Probably during a challenge.

Maybe you are in a funk right now: overwhelmed, exhausted, confused, resigned, heavy.

Maybe you are in a creative block. You feel in a void or trapped in feelings of rage, sadness, fear, hate. The cause may be unclear. This darkness your experiencing may feel socially unacceptable.

It feels pretty lousy, I know. You are probably ready to kick it to the curb

BUT these times can be gold mines for our souls - our personal development. An opportunity for so much growth.

So how can YOU get there?

First things first. You are vulnerable right now. Prone to self sabotage and unrestricted criticism and overwhelming emotions. When you get there:

1.) 3 deep breaths

2.) Say to yourself: Even though I feel X uncomfortable emotion, I love and accept myself, and the fact that I feel X uncomfortable emotion

3.) Dig in with a couple of options:

Are you feeling BRAVE? Are you ready to finally face your demons? unshackle from fear?

Then this rut is where you need to be. Trust and let's explore this darkness you are in to harness some serious strength, wisdom, and zest for life.

This embracing the shadow spread is about exploring the hidden depths of your soul, where some work and healing is need. Use it to find out:

  • what you are blind to, obsess over, show off

  • what shames ,desires, and fears shackle you

  • what emotions you repress that need cathartic expression and which you express possibly to freely

  • what is the source of this swamp?

  • what 1 thing can you focus on to get you through.

Or are you ready to just get out of this place in your life? Just freaking done? Are you banging your head against a wall and can't stand it anymore?

Let's get you UNSTUCK and EMPOWERED, use the spread below to:

ID the #1 stuck point to focus on

Get Insight on the situation - your underlying hopes and fears

Find out what you are blind to, negative habits and patterns to let go of

Find out your unique strength to embrace and fall back on

Get 3 practical steps to take to move forward

Find focus - a summarized message you need to hear, think, understand most when you get really bogged down.

If you have a deck of tarot cards you are good to go!

Maybe you don't, or maybe you want to create a strategy for this, or want some more tools to empower this rut. Then let me know.

We can do the mini version of either one of these spreads together, free - I'll even show you an exercise to nip what comes in the reading right in the bud!

If you like it, we can do the whole spread together and work over the next few weeks to get you unstuck and empowered!

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