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Un-affirmation : feeling supported.

I'm not really a fan of straight up affirmations - they make us feel good until we realize we're still upset and that affirmation looms over us like, " Can't you just think about this happy shiny thing and feel better?" No, I can't ... F you affirmation.

So if you aren't feeling supported right now go ahead and take a deep breath and just feel that way. That doesn't mean you're saying your feeling is right or true or that you are resigning yourself to this feeling - you're just acknowledging what is certainly happening whether you like it or not - that yo

u just don't feel supported.

Not feeling supported is totally scary if we follow the rabbit hole of thoughts and emotions - and honestly I LOVE digging into that rabbit hole because if you have the tools to deal with that shadowy part of yourself that is where some serious gold in personal and spiritual development lie.

But for now, that may be a chore. Fine. So just breathe in what you are feeling whether you want to feel it or not.

"you're not doing the breathing, you're being breathed." - Byron Katie

That kind of sounds weird - but just let that settle in for a moment.

You don't even have to try to breathe, your body is just working to support you automatically without thought or effort.

Support is all around us and natural. Your body is holding up your head, the plants in your home or just the ones outside are helping you breathe. The sun is just giving those guys food and all the creatures, including us, light and warmth.

Your home is providing you a shelter. The clothes you are wearing are keeping you warm. The furniture you are on is supporting your body. Your tendons and muscles can flex and adjust to support your comfort.

Electricity is running and keeping your food cold and house at a nice temperature and providing you with light. Maybe you're lucky enough to have the internet! and doors of exploration and research are all standing open to you.

For the most part these things are just happening for you. I guess you need to keep working at some level- but even if shit got real bad and you couldn't support a home for yourself with electricity and internet - these things are still there for you for free in public libraries and cafes and pantries and shelters.

There's people all around you working in some way that is supporting you - people that help make or sell food, that work for the companies that provide our utilities, or the nonprofits and government services that make our communities nicer places to live.

This isn't to guilt trip ,or shame, or nice and fuzzy pressure you into feeling supported. There are lots of ways that things that are important to us don't get supported and it hurts our soul.

Go ahead and feel that.

It is possible to be supported and not supported at the same time - let this weird dichotomy coexist and let me know what happens for you!

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