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What is a session like?

I thought I kicked this thing and it won't go away. When it comes up I don't know what to do - am I overreacting and need to suck it up and tough it out? I know how to deal with this issue, I've dealt with it before, but right now I'm exhausted, overwhelmed, and confused! I'm drowning and just want some clarity and something solid I can go to for getting past this.

Casey* had struggled with depression for a long time. Through lots of hard work and devotion to resolving her depression, she had all but kicked off its grip on her life. When it did come up though, because of the nature of depression, it could feel a little too overwhelming to cope with entirely on her own.

She needed some clarity on what was going on with this lingering struggle. She knew she had some traps and tendencies she would fall into when she was in a bad mental place, and she wanted to get a better grip on what these were, and how to deal with them. She wanted insight - of all the things she could do, what did she need to do to deal with this issue?

So based on what we discussed together, I created a spread using card positions tailored exactly for her needs and goals:

  • A snapshot of the issue right now

  • What is causing the issue

  • What barriers stand between her and resolving this issue

  • Warning signs of the traps she falls into

  • What to do when she fell into a trap

  • What she desires when it comes to resolving this issue

  • What she needed to do to resolve the issue.

With a tarot reading, it literally lays it all out there into tangible chunks.

With this reading, Casey could see:

  • what was going/still needed to be resolved and why,

  • situations in her life that were contributing to this issue

  • solid plan to overcome her obstacles - including some home practice she could do outside of our sessions

  • points of focus she could fall back on whenever she felt overwhelmed

  • mental traps and unrealistic expectations she could now call out

Casey now had a tremendous understanding, awareness, and insight into her struggle and how to deal with it. Most importantly she felt empowered to deal with a struggle that long haunted her.

After the reading, we pulled some points of work that came up from the reading that in the following weeks we will be addressing using AAIT together.

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