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Stories from my first time busking

I was excited and scared. I was ready. I was in a frenzy.

Along with my incredibly sweet friend, I set up my little table and chairs, tapestry, flowers in a vase, pretty crystals, biz cards and chalkboard on a warm sunny day in a beautiful shaded part of the park next to a babbling waterfall.

The first hour I saw no one and smiled awkwardly at passers by - but mostly just their dogs.

The people in this part of the park were on a mission to avoid the slow congested areas where people were strolling and looking around. I needed to move.

My incredibly sweet friend once again helped me move and set up (eeee, warm fuzzies overwhelm me as a I think about how they helped me) and just as I was saying, "hey maybe we should set up a fake reading to make it look like I've got something valuable going on" a woman came up and said, "I'm ready to grow with the Flo" HELL YES!

The first one was awkward for me - does this person really want what I offer - cause it ain't a big reading that's gonna tell them when and who their next lover is gonna be - it's a simple reading: what do you desire and what do you fear? (kinda vulnerable)

and I'm going to go through a therapeutic exercise (one of Zivorod Slavinski's spiritual protocols called the universal process, if that doesn't sound woo woo AF - BUT ITS TOTALLY PRACTICAL, I PROMISE)

but you know what? She walked away feeling at peace with what she feared, confident that she could handle it. Woah. I mean I knew it worked from personal experience and from practicing with friends. But this was a total stranger that I had less than 3o minutes with!

From there I saw 5 more folks in about 2 hours time and they all reported the same thing.

It was such a beautiful fucking experience to share this with other people, who had fears and desires I could totally relate to, and to watch them walk away feeling empowered and at ease with some pretty major fears.

To be real honest, one guy that came up freaked me out - this is super shallow, but it was because he had on a cross necklace, some sports paraphernalia, and generally did not look like my average client.

I grew up southern baptist, I know how some christians feel about tarot, and although I don't think what I do goes there (fortune telling, channeling, etc.) he doesn't know that and what if he wanted to condemn me to hell??!??!

but he was sincere, and he worked so hard during the exercise, and it took switching up exercises but he felt like his confusion (his fear) actually helped him reach conveyance and connection with others (his desire). What was initially fighting within him had made friends; what scared him now empowered him.

Tears are coming to my eyes as I write this because that man left me a $20 tip, and I don't care about the money, I care about what it symbolized - this man walked away with something that really helped him. It took some mutual faith, but after working together something beautiful came out of that struggle.

No, busking did not result in making tons of money but my first time busking was one of the most rewarding challenges of my life and I will be doing it again.

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