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Are Chakras Real? Why it doesn't matter and how to empower and heal your holistic wellness

Most of have heard of these "Chakras" - from the dictionary; "(in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number." - maybe in a yoga class or when you dabbled in eastern philosophy that one time.

To be honest with you, I can't tell you whether or not these are real.

However, they are a real way to explore and nurture well rounded personal health. They are an incredibly useful framework to empower supportive, independent healing of your mind, body, and spirit with simple yet effective tools.

We know from the study of psychology, from brain scans, that simply naming and exploring our challenges can resolve chemical imbalances creating mental disorder. The chakra system gives us a tangible framework - it helps put our abstract experiences into something we can really work with.

Here is how I use the chakra system to do empowering work with my clients.

As a birthworker and trauma expert I have worked with a lot of suffering related to sexuality. The sacral chakra (which we just covered in the second class of our chakra healing series) is the chakra that relates to intimacy, sensuality and reproductive organs.

Many of my clients can relate to feeling symptoms of an unbalanced sacral chakra: low libido, hormonal imbalance, sexual problems, feeling withdrawn, fearful, tense, resentful.

From here of course we would do counseling and trauma work together to resolve the feelings of fear, tension and resentment. However, a client that knows about the chakra system might look to the abundant and free resources for sacral chakra healing - yoga poses, aromatherapy, affirmations, visualisations, reflexology points, and even foods.

This allows the client to take intentional healing into their own hands - nurturing one's own mind, body, and spirit through self care is integral to the healing process, and this system gives us so many powerful and practical ways to do that.

This is an important feature for those struggling with anxiety or depression- a variety of simple tools to use when lack of motivation or stress is overwhelming.

Also note that this system takes a holistic perspective - it sees the mind and body and spirit as connected. Doctors and therapists will tell you that LIFESTYLE - sleep, diet, exercise, and healthy hobbies - will have huge impacts on your health and recovery from all kinds of ailments.

Having a framework that offers and encourages holistic solutions not only supports and stabilizes work done in counseling sessions, but also helps to heal related causes, and empowers my clients to tend to to their own wellbeing - making our work together shorter and more effective.

Lets take the sacral chakra as an example for what my clients do to support themselves outside of our work together.

  • The sacral chakra healing cobra and butterfly yoga poses exercise their bodies (I also love this because it gently exercises the pelvic floor which aids in smooth birthing)

  • They could meditate with affirmations such as "I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way" or spend time visualizing a warm rising sun beaming healing and gentle light to this area of their body.

  • They might eat healthy orange and sacral chakra healing superfoods like mangoes, pumpkin, and walnuts.

  • Sacral chakra is related to creativity so expressive activities like painting and dancing are suggested healing activities.

When my clients are nurturing their mind, bodies, and spirits outside of our work together with simple tools like this, it is incredible to behold. We are talking relatively pain free and smooth births, we are talking rapid progress, we are talking transformations into feeling a rock solid sense of independence, confidence, and peacefulness.

So, how can you give this beneficial framework a whirl in order to find simple, practical and empowering tools to tend to your own healing?

  • where do you feel out of balance emotionally, mentally, physically?

  • check out this awesome interactive chart:

  • and guide

  • do the symptoms you noted earlier relate most to any particular chakras?

  • For great healing suggestions I like, and - I would google omved or mosaic day sacral chakra for example and look at their infographics to find the information quickly.

Examples below! These are handouts from our chakra healing series where you will also experience three different powerful healing modalities targeting mind, body, and spirit!

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