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REAListically achieving affirmations

Monday Meditation and Morningish Mindset

I love affirmations.... they keep me focused on what is important to me and I have found that really helpful.

HOWEVER... life, reality, in its whole glory creeps in, and that pain between what I want, and what I am averse to creates suffering and pain. That resistance to what IS creates suffering and pain.

And THAT - the pain and suffering is what really keeps me from my affirmations and goals.

So how can we shake loose this tension and resistance, shake loose the pain and suffering, so we can better achieve our goals and affirmations?

Well let's use a meditation that will help us unite our affirmations and their opposites:

1. What is your affirmation? Experience that affirmation , what you think and feel and sense and see in that in experience

2. What is the opposite of your affirmation? Experience the opposite and what you think, feel, see, and sense with that.

3. Rock between these 3 times.

4. Then try to feel them both simultaneously.

5. Repeat for 3 minutes. (Just a suggestion - I like offering bite sized exercises you can do anytime, anywhere)

That's it! Hopefully some acceptance towards what IS and some integration of these opposites has removed some of the tension and resistance.

If this work is really calling out to you, if you are sick and tired of having your goals frustrated, you are tired of the endless affirmations, desperate that they will work - call out to me! I can absolutely teach you skills to achieve your goals as well as work with you to resolve what stands in your way.

If I have already taught you some techniques then try out either UP with your affirmation and its opposite or BP on just the opposite to show yourself and reality a little love and acceptance.

Morningish Mindset journaling prompt: I love and accept my affirmation and the opposite of my affirmation. Go through all your affirmations like this to shower them with acceptance and shake loose that resistance!

For example I love and accept that I can be present and grateful AND that I can be ungrateful and not present sometimes.

If you like these, I do a morningish mindset every day (M-F) and always offer practical tips and tools on my facebook and instagram

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