Helping yourself when helping others

  • Tapping into unique personal strength

  • Developing solid self care routine

  • Overcoming blocks to reaching your full potential

  • Maximizing service to your clients

Artists’ Unblock 

  • Cultivating inspiration

  • Staying motivated

  • Putting yourself out there

  • Overcoming blocks

Activism without staying activated

  • Finding your role based on your unique personal strength

  • Maximizing your personal contribution to the organization and work

  • Overcoming personal and organizational obstacles

  • Avoiding burn out

Cultivating spiritual connection

  • Channeling spiritual flow for self and others

  • Connecting to general population and those in need

  • Maintaining ritual


Facing the Shadow *


  • Inner child – where its at, what happened, what it needs

  • Facet of self you don’t see or like – how to work with it

  • Emotions you repress- where they’re coming from and healthy cathartic way to express

  • Fear - where its coming from and how to face it

Personal  Passion Unleashed *

  • Higher calling and how to tap into it

  • What you’re good at and how to use it

  • What you love and what to do with it

  • Source of inspiration

  • Personal block and how to break through them

  • Tools to use going forward

  • Overall focus going forward

Healing relationships *

  • What to let go of and what to nurture with other

  • What you need and how to get it

  • Their perspective on the relationship and how to work with it

  • What needs healing and how to heal it

  • Source of strength/personal power

  • Overall focus going forward

Finding Love *

  • Where you’re at and what others see

  • What to do for yourself and for others

  • What you bring to the table – how to strengthen and demonstrate

  • What they need to bring to the table - complementary attributes to look for in others

  • Relationship weakness and how to overcome




After each reading you will receive an image of your reading and summary of notes



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My mission


Empower your best self to show up to your loved ones, your community, and your vision - so you can make the difference you are called to create.

Together we can journey through your rite of passage - through pains of all sorts - to manifest your dream. 

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Florence Paquet




I am a sex therapist, doula, and spiritual emergence guide. I'm an expert in unleashing  your radiance and serenity  - your innate grounded power and purpose -  from deep spiritual pains. 


My north star: empowering evolution.

I believe: "as within, so without": as we empower your holistic inner wellbeing we empower wellbeing for our loved ones, our community, and our world. 


My journey:

Bachelors and Masters in Social Work, a decade of spiritual emergence and transition work counseling in crisis, legal psychedelic, school and birth work settings. I hold myself to the NASW standards: a beautiful code of ethics I believe in, weekly supervised accountability, and annual immersive continuing education 

Hey there! I'm Flo,