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Intuitive Strategic Plan Ritual

  1. Optional clarify your vision and get focused, tangible action steps with these journaling prompts:

- my future self wants...
- my inner child wants...
- my loved ones want...
- my higher power wants...


This could look like: "my future self wants me to take care of my health. My loved ones want me to know they're there for me. My inner child wants to play, make music and art" Etc.

2. Draw a card for "in alignment" and one for "out of alignment"


In the future, when faced with a decision - does this feel like the energy from in or out of alignment? Can I shift this action to feel more in alignment?

3. Use dowsing/favorite form of muscle testing to figure out # of priorities to focus on right now. Being priorities, it's probably around 1-3. Draw that many cards and lay them out.

From here you wanna break stuff down into tangible steps as needed/if you want.

My first priority was to breathe and get grounded. Nothing simpler then that, it didn't need any more breaking down.

So I moved on to the next priority, used dowsing to check - how many action steps? Drew cards for that and laid them out under the priority. Do these action steps need to be broken down further? Etc. Until I had a beautiful, clear, laid out plan in front of me.

It is my passion to empower your evolution! So feel free to message me with any questions or tips if you try this yourself.

If you want support or feel stuck, you aren't! We can address whatever is going on together with fun, soulful, powerful, and practical tools. Just send me a message.

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