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How am I different from other counselors, coaches and doulas?

What are sessions with me like? 

What kind of people do I work with?

I want to try before I buy, what can I do?

As a counselor- way different - we are not gonna spend tons of time talking and rehashing your history. Sessions are practical, soulful, and action oriented. I want to give you tools and resolve issues efficiently - and we can do that using Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT) and Spiritual Technology exercises. 

Again, sessions with me are about facilitating getting in touch with your own strength and wisdom - so there isn't a hierarchy dynamic between me and my clients - we're moving forward together. 

In my opinion, and experience on both sides, counseling that isn't set up to empower clients isn't sustainable. 

As as coach,  this isn't snake oil. I have a masters degree. 10 years of supervised work. I am held to the Social Work standards of annual continuing education, supervision and accountability, as well as a beautiful code of ethics I believe in.

As a  doula I am different in that I bring an expertise in treating mental and emotional health concerns. Mental health has incredible, long lasting health impacts on mother and baby and I specialize in addressing these concerns so a mother can feel confident, calm and empowered to have the birthing and parenting experience they desire. 






We will jump right in: what are your goals and what's between you and that goal?

Drink lots of water. Rest up. Nourish your body. Get ready to do this. 

1 on 1 sessions are deep and intense. I use powerful, transformative tools - including AAIT, reiki, tarot, past life, and entity work - to heal wounds, release your radiance and nourish your entire system - mind body and spirit


The Acceptance and Integration Training™ (AAIT) model works quickly - by the end of the session, you can expect some level of healing and problem resolution.

We end sessions with embodiment practice- I will teach you some of the simple techniques we use together to empower your innate ability to nurture and unleash your holistic wellbeing and radiance.   

Through your participation in AAIT, acceptance towards your self, others and life will unfold. You will find yourself feeling free from reactivity and a lasting sense of present peacefulness.

We will not spend much time focusing on the WHY of a problem. Similarly, you will not be expected to give a narrative or provide details about life’s painful experiences. I have not found this to be an effective use of session time, as it is time consuming and rarely results in healing. Instead, we will directly address your identified problems with the promising AAIT model that work to quickly relieve suffering and facilitate healing. 



The "wild woman" is an archetype. I work with people who embrace the wild.  Who have passion for compassion - sweet hearts with lit up souls. They yearn to show up to their loved ones and community. Compassionate visionaries, heart lead entrepreneurs , community connectors, creatives, change makers, 

You have so much to give, and you want to give a lot. You know that you have to be full, and care for yourself in order to do that. 


You know the most important thing you have is your perspective - a present, grateful, calm and confident mindset is all you really need.


You hold your wellbeing sacred and are willing to work for it.


You are absolutely unwilling to let fear, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, bad habits, and family cycles keep you from reaching your full potential and from enjoying life to its fullest.  


You are lit up and passionate. You give a fuck about the impact you have - on your loved ones and communities. You dream of empowering and nourishing everything you touch. 

I feel ya, this is a sacred and vulnerable journey. You want to partner with a guide you can trust! So there are quite a few options.


First, grab your free consultation by shooting me an email or giving me a call. 


I usually have monthly opportunities to try out my work so follow me on facebook, instagram and subscribe to my newsletter to hear about these opportunities

Also, I offer a money back guarantee with my work, if you leave without feeling more calm, confident, and empowered - you get your money back!

I want to work with you, but I can't afford it. 

Why have a doula? 

Common Doula Questions

I understand. When I was a student, working 2 jobs and making less than 20k a year I found a great therapist who didn't take insurance and she was really expensive (cause she was REALLY good). It was a very tough decision. I thought about it for a while and how much I could truly set aside, and that is how often I saw her.


However, I started to make more room for it in my budget - because having peace of mind, ease of being, and feeling empowered to deal with life was worth so much more to me than the dinners and drinks out, cosmetic items, and various entertainment expenses.

I am also offer classes where folks  can access transformative well being techniques in an accessible group setting! Contact me if you are interested!


Let's get real for a moment.


There are many ways to find ease and joy in life.  Whatever helps you find a deep, sustainable sense of ease, confidence, and peace in this life no matter what, is truly wonderful. If you haven't found that, or haven't even thought about trying - then I invite you to question attitudes towards wellbeing many of us have just kinda found ourselves in.


Does your mental wellbeing deserve cheap, throwaway solutions and strategies? Why is it low on our collective list of priorities? 


Does your feeling of peace and confidence in handling life's challenges deserve to be prioritized, respected and held sacred? If it does, and you're ready for that journey - consider this: would you hike the AT with cheap equipment and a half baked plan? I hope not! Developing well being takes a similar sacred drive and self investment. 


Imagine finally feeling truly and deeply at home in yourself,  having your potential unleashed, your dreams manifested, a lasting sense of exuberance, ease, and confidence.  You CAN have that! 

Mental health concerns affect between 10 and 20% of pregnant people. This is more than gestational diabetes, and the concerns are arguably equal as well, including: 

  • low birth weight

  • spontaneous preterm birth

  • ​​delayed prenatal growth

  • decreased maternal attachment 

  • increased mental health symptoms after birth for the mother

  • increased child temperament issues - clinging crying and irritability

  • increased risk of ADD/ADHD, anxiety and language delays for child

  • insecure attachment

  • poor emotional regulation

  • baby more likely to have adult mood disorders 

I don't say this to scare, but to point out the importance of mental wellbeing, for both mother and baby, over the course of their lives. The wonderful news is mental health concerns are shown to be easily treatable and that the treatment is effective at mitigating the risks!


I want to facilitate you getting in touch with your own wisdom and intuition - because that will leave you walking away feeling like you have the tools to address whatever future comes to you.

If you have other questions about doula work I highly recommend the FAQ created by the East TN Doulas. Their answers are the same as mine except I don't do as much post-partum work outside of counseling. I am happy to collaborate with all the amazing birth professionals in our area, including other doulas. 

If you just want to ask a question or get to know me better - wonderful!  Please feel free to contact me and have a chat

It's free and I'd love to hear from you!

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