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The Struggle 


Feeling the block? Wondering what message to put out there that you are uniquely able to create? Looking for a sustainable, healthy source of inspiration? Trying to get your work out there? 

There's so much to explore with each of these questions and they deserve sacred reflection, not easy answers. 

The Tool

We will look at each of these subjects together:

  • Message - what is your unique message? What do you want to say with your art? What do you need to say?

  • Nourishment - how can you get over the block? How can you take care of yourself so that you can be in a healthy place to make art? What is a sustainable source of inspiration - not a source that feeds on unhealthy cycles?

  • The block - what is it?

  • Marketing - how can you market your work with authenticity? How can you get your work out there? How can you set a price that reflects the value of your work but is still accessible>

  • Cause - what trauma is informing your work 

  • Your art - a snapshot of where it is at right now. 

My mission


Empower your best self to show up to your loved ones, your community, and your vision - so you can make the difference you are called to create.

Together we can journey through your rite of passage - through pains of all sorts - to manifest your dream. 

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Florence Paquet




I am a sex therapist, doula, and spiritual emergence guide. I'm an expert in unleashing  your radiance and serenity  - your innate grounded power and purpose -  from deep spiritual pains. 


My north star: empowering evolution.

I believe: "as within, so without": as we empower your holistic inner wellbeing we empower wellbeing for our loved ones, our community, and our world. 


My journey:

Bachelors and Masters in Social Work, a decade of spiritual emergence and transition work counseling in crisis, legal psychedelic, school and birth work settings. I hold myself to the NASW standards: a beautiful code of ethics I believe in, weekly supervised accountability, and annual immersive continuing education 

Hey there! I'm Flo,